When it comes to customer service, design and installation, Set-In Stone is the most reliable countertop repair professionals in St. Croix County. Our local, family-owned business has catered to the Western Wisconsin and Minnesota areas for over ten years.

We specialize in custom countertops and countertop repairs. After years of use, a lot of clients come to us because their counters are no longer easy to keep clean and suffer from permanent burns, cuts and stains. It’s important to mention that some surfaces can become hazardous to your health if they can’t be adequately sanitized due to a damaged surface. These are all issues we’ll take into consideration during our initial consultation.

After a thorough analysis of your counters and a detailed needs evaluation, we can evaluate if it’s absolutely necessary to replace your counters. However, countertop repair is always considered first unless the client specifically wants new counters and/or it’s no longer viable to keep the current tops in place.

When counters are old, but safe, regular sealing practices and basic care can be a cheap and easy alternative to countertop replacement.

Even if your old and unattractive countertops are faded, cracked, chipped or stained- you can trust our team to transform them for less time and money than any other solution.

If you aren’t ready for new countertops, Set-In Stone is happy to complete all your countertop repairs. Call us today at 651-508-1765 and we’ll determine what we can do to extend the life of your current countertops while ensuring it’s safe for your family’s continued use.


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